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Before sign-up to the NCSA!

The NCSA welcomes your interest in joining its membership. We believe as a member, that you personally plus the business or organisation you represent, will benefit greatly from our joint association.

Joining the NCSA membership involves three things:

  • Making an application to join the association
  • Being accepted for membership by the NCSA National Executive
  • Paying the appropriate membership fees in advance (becoming financial).

When you make an online application to join the NCSA you are not immediately granted membership, your application has to be reviewed by the NCSA National Executive Committee before acceptance.

Paying the fee that is appropriate to your geographical area one year in advance means that you become a “financial” member of the NCSA. Memberships run from July 01 of the current financial year to June 30 of the same financial year – it is a membership plan based on a normal financial year. There is a buffer period for membership until the end of October of the end of the membership financial year.

The most convenient way for you to become a member of the NCSA is to join up online. This allows for online payment via a normal PayPal process, as well as via an offline payment process if you wish. The benefits of online application, is that you can view your membership details immediately – you can then track your online orders, as well as download your invoices any time you want. If you send your application via conventional mailing we will input your contact details and then email you your details.

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