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Changing your login details or, "Help! I can't get into my account!"

The NCSA website has an advanced membership system which places you in control of your own account. There may be occasion when you will need to change either your password and/or username, this may be because the organisation has a change of staff or the password may have been forgotten or misplaced. The following assists you to change either your username, password, or both.

This process permits you to change your Username if you wish, however, the NCSA Membership Committee requires that your Username includes your organisation's name in the Username area. Change this to how you want it to display if you wish, as long as NCSA can instantly recognise your organisation's name.

How to create a new password and/or change a username

One of the most common requests presented to the NCSA website is how to access/change/update a password or username. This is an easy process following these steps:

  • Ensure you have access to the email address associated with your NCSA Membership. If you don't know the email address, then you will have to contact the NCSA Treasurer via email to obtain it. You may be asked for proof of association with the account.
  • Navigate to this online point: Member Login, or go to the login panel in the right column on most pages in the website. At the bottom of the panel, locate the blue link/s entitled: 'Forgot Your Username' or 'Forgot Your Password' – these are links which will allow you to change your Username or Password securely. Click on the one you want to change or update. (Note, if you don't know your Username AND your Password, it is necessary to do the Username search first.)
  • You will now be asked to enter the email address associated with the account. Insert the email address, click 'Submit'. Check your email for the automated message that was forwarded to the account.
  • Important! If you did not receive the email, check that you entered the email address correctly, or, check your SPAM folder.
  • The sent email will contain a confirmation code. Select the code in the email and copy it. Ensure you copy the code exactly as it is (no spaces front or back).
  • Go back to the website (or click on the link in the email if you wish), and you will see two insertion points on the Reset Form. One for your Username, and one for the confirmation code. Fill in the Username and paste in the confirmation code. Click 'Submit'. If you don't know your Username, you will have to go back to Step 2 and do the similar Username process first.
  • If the submission process does not work read the error message at the head of the page, usually it is because you have used a wrong Username or have not copied the confirmation code correctly – they must be exact. Don't worry, you can redo the process without upsetting the apple cart.
  • After submitting the confirmation code, you will then be asked to create and confirm your new Password. Try not to over-simplify your password: mix numerals, letters, and upper and lowercase, to create a secure password.
  • Finally, after successfully changing your Username and/or Password you should login to your account to confirm everything is working okay.
  • The system is user friendly and you can change your password/username as often as you want.
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