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The NCSA Branch Structure

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When you join the National Cleaning Suppliers Association, you become part of an Australia-wide organisation representing the interests of all suppliers, large and small, wholesale and retail, importer, manufacturer and distributor.

At the time of joining we ask that you stipulate the state/s of the office or offices joining. Where a branch exists, all offices that join automatically become members of the appropriate state's branch.

While there is a National Board as well as a National Executive Committee, each branch has its own committee whose function it is organise and arrange all matters and functions specific to their branch.

In this way, state members are directly served by a local committee. This committee arranges branch social gatherings, local seminars, regional trade shows and is the point of immediate contact for members.

The National Board and National Executive Committee determine and institute the overall policy of the NCSA. The branches are required to operate according to national policy.

However every branch is represented on the National Board and is therefore integral in the formulation of NCSA policy.

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