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Pre-membership FAQs

What benefits will I derive from NCSA membership?

Benefits of NCSA membership are many and varied, but primarily it concentrates on dissemination of pertinent industry information and technical articles; involvement in cost-effective trade shows; networking with colleagues from a wide range of cleaning industries; communication with the wider NCSA membership.

These benefits are expanded on the online Membership Benefits, or you can contact the NCSA Administrator for a hard copy version.

What is the difference between memberships on the Membership Application Form?

A company is a Metropolitan Member if it is situated in the greater metropolitan area of those cities in which NCSA branches exist. At present there are branches in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaide.

A Regional Member is a company that has its head office within an approximate 200km radius of an NCSA branch metro. In such a case the benefit of full Metropolitan Membership is reduced due to the longer distance to be travelled to take part in any of the branch functions. This merits a discounted membership subscription. At present those areas where there are members who would be entitled to Regional Membership are defined in the Membership Application side panel.

Areas beyond the Regional Area is defined as Country Membership. This membership subscription is reduced even further as there is a greater degree of difficulty in partaking in branch functions.

FAQs For Members

Can I update my own directory listing?

Yes. The NCSA has invested in powerful directory functionality on this site which has a very wide scope for its members. At the moment it is limited to simple contact information together with an automated mapping feature plus some product information features. In the future the mapping feature will have a powerful search function so that an end user, or a member can search for the closest supplier to their area.

What is the NCSA's relationship to cleaning trade shows?

NCSA is responsible for the presentation of CleanScene trade shows which are held in major metropolitan areas at regular intervals. While CleanScene is the trademark of these shows, and the trademark is the property of NCSA, the CleanScene shows are currently organised and presented on behalf of NCSA by Australian Exhibition and Conferences (AEC) who are contracted to NCSA.

NCSA has no relationship to, or involvement in, or responsiblity for any cleaning and hygiene industry trade shows other then CleanScene.

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