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NCSA Code of Ethics

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NCSA Code of Ethics NCSA Code of Ethics

The National Cleaning Suppliers Association has been established to develop a unified, professional approach to the supply of goods and services to the commercial/industrial cleaning industry. The key emphasis of the NCSA is health and safety, protection of the environment, quality, maintaining leading edge technology and meeting all our obligations and responsibilities.

The NCSA Code of Ethics is to:

  • Sell our services, chemicals, equipment, consumables and associated sundry lines for a profit that is ethical, proper and that will benefit and be in the best interests of both parties.
  • Ensure both our products and services are merchantable and of the highest quality to meet the customer’s needs and expectations and to offer complete service to support the sale.
  • Strive to produce, market and/or distribute products and services that meet/exceed relevant quality standards and accreditation in accordance with statutory or environmental regulations.
  • Work with the cleaning industry and customers to educate, advise and train in the efficient and affective use of cleaning systems and products.
  • Offer products and services that are at the leading edge of technology, modern and effective and continue to research, through suppliers and external consultants, to develop and maintain this philosophy.
  • Observe all relevant laws, work practices, awards, work conditions and sound industrial relations practices.
  • Work with, recognize and respect professional competition in a free competitive system.
  • Carry out our business functions and activities in a manner that will command respect from consumers and the industry we serve.
  • Market, advertise and sell our products and services in a manner that truly represents their merits and capabilities.
  • Strive as an industry, to attain dignity and respect and develop a high level of trust. We should continue to remind our sales representatives of our ideals and policies. We will train and educate them in the best methods of selling and merchandising our products and services in a way which will not misrepresent or be detrimental to the industry or the end user.
  • Strive for safer, environmentally sound products that are superior in function and value and manageable in their disposal.
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